Gifts and Goods from Lake Ontario South Shore

About the Country Store

The store at Brown Road provides an outlet for the work of rural artisans, agrarians and authors in and near Wolcott, New York, a small town located near the south shore of Lake Ontario. Our artisans draw inspiration from the quiet beauty of this upstate region of drumlin hills, second growth forest, farmland, and lakeshore.

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Carol Burns

Carol Burns has been interested in writing her entire life. Her writing is sometimes humorous and often inspirational. She has written for a devotional magazine called “The Secret Place” as well as monthly praise stories for several different church newsletters. Although Carol has some health problems she is firmly rooted in her Christian faith and depends on a positive attitude to walk life’s challenging journey.

She is a mother of two grown children and a grandmother to 3 energetic and fantastic kids. Heather is 16 and the twins, Kali and Kyle, are 4.

Carol, like many writers, has boxes of stories and ideas saved around the house. These written projects have been allowed to gather dust over the years with doubt of it ever being anything other than a hobby. Her dream has always been to publish a book, so at 56 she decided it was finally time to follow that dream and dust off her writing.

She is a caregiver for her twin grand children and has found healing powers in the love and play of these children. This book is the first of a series of children’s books sharing the innocence of children and the power of their laughter.

You can email her at:

Carol Burns with her grandtwins Kali and Kyle

Lake Stone Cabinetry Knobs

Lake Stone Cabinetry Knobs are gathered from the shore of Lake Ontario each one unique with its own splendor.  The essence of this beautiful area is revealed in every stone.  A variety of colors and shapes are available for you to create one-of-a-kind hardware for any kitchen, bath or distinctive stand-alone cabinetry piece.

Peg Berndt of Lake Stone Cabinetry Knobs offers a "lake full" of custom sizes, shapes and colors for you to enjoy for years to come.  You can email her at or call (315)594-1421 .

Lake Stone Cabinetry Knobs - Peg Berndt

Visit her website at

Earthly Designs

Nancy Kasper of Earthly Designs has been designing custom jewelry for discriminating clients worldwide for over two decades. She is inspired by nature, and strives to capture the unique interaction between our human spirit and that of the natural world.

Looking for a custom piece? That is her specialty. She will work closely with you to create a piece that truly reflects your personality. Give her a call at (315) 594-6673 or email She would love to work with you.

Jewelry-Nancy Kasper

Visit her website at

Toby Gateley

Toby lives in a wooded area by the lakeshore and enjoys crafting items from silver poplar, a fast growing soft wood tree often scorned as a "weed". After he noticed its unique highly figured grain in some of the firewood chunks he was splitting, he began experimenting with it.

Poplar is a very stable wood not prone to splitting or checking as it dries, and Toby takes advantage of that trait in his crafts that include foot stools, and translucent wood panel lamp shades. He also uses other native second growth hardwoods in his creations. Toby works out of a one-man shop and does custom work to order. He makes furniture as well as smaller items. In his spare time he enjoys gardening, strumming his guitar and cooking. He bakes a mean batch of donuts.

Woodcraft-Toby Gateley

You can contact him at for special orders or for more information on his work.

The Cantori's

Irja Cantori (shown here with her granddaughter Viola) came to America from her native Finland as a young woman. Today she lives on a small farm with her husband Ron and daughter and grand daughter. She enjoys the wildlife and forest flowers that attracted her in the northern woodlands of her childhood home. Irja crafts a wide variety of items, many from nature and the garden. She also paints landscapes and still life works.

Her daughter Maija is also an artist and paints murals and works in a variety of other media. Both of them have items for sale in the store. The Cantoris sell organic garden produce in season that they raise on their small farm. They sell through farmers markets and directly to the public.

Food and painting-Cantori

If you would like more information on the crafts of Irja and Maija or are in the area and would like to purchase fresh vegetables in season you can contact them at (315) 594-6330.

Brushstrokes by Spencer

Brushstrokes by Spencer is a small business operating out of the home of Donald and Brenda Spencer of North Rose, New York. It combines their talents in art and woodworking and their mutual interest in birdwatching and nature studies.

Donald describes himself as a nexialist, a person who learns a little about everything. His science fiction and comic book interests are now rounded out by woodworking magazines and old time radio programs. Now that his daughters are getting their drivers licenses his house husband duties have lightened up, giving him more time at his scrollsaw. Sanding isn't a chore when Don can do birdwatching at the same time.

Brenda Spencer worked as a taxidermist for over 25 years. She has mounted animals from all over the world and created dioramas of their habitats. She is now a freelance studio artist painting murals, portraits, and wildlife. She has written and illustrated a series of bird identification coloring books and works with Donald designing and painting Brushstrokes' bird ornaments.

Birdwatching is the second most popular hobby in the U.S. Brushstrokes by Spencer's songbird gift items include hanging ornaments for window or Christmas tree, garden accessories, pins, and magnets. Stationary and prints of Brenda's original acrylic paintings can be ordered as well.

Stationary, dogs-Spencer

Brushstrokes has recently added a line of stationary featuring original drawings by Brenda Spencer. It includes wildlife art and an ever growing number of dog breeds, in both action/agility and portrait poses. Dog-lovers enjoy that Brenda will gladly add any breed they like to her stationary line. Her artwork has been presented as prizes at various dog events. Contact Brushstrokes if you're looking for unique gifts or prizes for your coming event. Brushstrokes by Spencer does not require a minimum order. Charity fund raisers may contact them for special terms and arrangements.

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Susan Peterson Gateley

Susan writes and sails on Lake Ontario and has a Masters degree in fisheries science. Her first book Ariel's World dealt with the recent environmental history of Lake Ontario and was used as a supplemental text in an undergraduate course at Oswego State University. Now out of print, this well received book is still available at many Pioneer Library branches throughout the region and its success prompted several additional nonfictions works on the lake. She also writes magazine articles for various regional and national circulation publications on country life, sailing, and nature.

Peterson Gateley sails with her husband aboard their 32 foot sloop Titania on Fair Haven Bay and she enjoys gardening beach combing and paddling her homemade kayak. Peterson Gateley also offers boat rides and sailing instruction to the public through her seasonal business Silver Waters Sailing.

Books-Susan Peterson Gateley

Visit her website for more information on her various activities at or email her at

Gisela Schneider

Like Irja, Gisela came to the upstate New York countryside from Europe and now lives on a farm. Here on 69 acres she tends her wool producing mohair goats, llamas and alpacas as well as a flock of geese and a large vegetable and flower garden. She grows chemical and pesticide free blueberries, raspberries, currants, and strawberries freezing them for winter when she then has time to produce jams and jellies. She and her husband also operate the Maplegrove B&B in Sterling.

She also spins and knits the hand spun yarns from her animals into sweaters, scarves, hats, ponchos and other warm durable and beautiful goods. We will have more of her wool products in the store soon. For now contact her directly if you would like information and prices on her handmade wool and silk goods. Visit her website at

Wool, homespun-Gisela Schneider

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